Hot Sun 3

Last week I was enjoying some summer fun with my friend who came to see me on Cape Cod, MA. We had a great time. It wasn’t until the next morning she realized that she was sunburned. She woke up to her stinging, red skin.

The best defenses against sunburn are:

1. Covering up your body with long pants, shirts, hats, socks and shoes

2. Wearing Sunblock on exposed areas

3. Taking high quality Antioxidants

No matter how sun-experienced you are, burns can still happen.

The following Remedies are for the average sunburn from an accidental overexposure to UV Rays.

*If you have 3rd degree burns or are blistering, I suggest you seek medical attention.


1. Clean Soft Wash Cloth or Cotton Balls
2. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
3. Aloe Vera Gel or Coconut Oil (if you cannot get Aloe)
4. Lots of pure water to drink
5. Antioxidant Supplements

Sunburn Remedy:
Instant Relief and Overnight Healing

photo - for sunburn products piece Apple Cidar Vinegar & Coconut Oil

photo - aloe - sunburn products piece Aloe Vera

Heal your sunburn in just 2 steps:

1. Wet the washcloth or cotton balls with cold water.

  • Wring out the cloth or cotton balls .
  • Soak in Apple Cider Vinegar.
  • Dab the wet cloth or cotton balls onto your sunburn, soaking the skin.
  • You should notice instant relief from any stinging!
  • It feels very good on sunburn.
  • Reapply as many times as it takes for the pain to go away.
  • After a few minutes, your skin should be dry.

2. Liberally rub on some Aloe Vera Gel or coconut oil to the sunburned area.

  • If I have an aloe plant, I cut open the leaf and use the gel inside.
  • You can also buy Aloe Gel.
  • *If you do not have Aloe, you can buy coconut oil

By the next day, your skin should be significantly healed. I recommend continuing with the aloe or coconut oil for several days to promote healing and to help ease the skin peeling that is usually inevitable after a burn.

Exfoliate and lubricate (with more coconut oil)

This worked like a charm for my friend’s most recent sunburn. She felt immediate relief from the stinging, and literally, the next day her skin wasn’t red anymore. It may have been the slightest bit pink, but the pain never came back, and her skin did not peel.

She dabbed on another round of the apple cider vinegar, let it dry, and then followed with more aloe/coconut oil. The following day there was No PAIN, and her skin recovered beautifully.

SUNBURN is very traumatic to your body.


Also, the oxidative stress from the sun does damage to the body.

Take High Quality Antioxidants!!!

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I hope you never get a sunburn, but if you do, try this.
Please pass this information to anyone who may benefit from it.

To your health,