We have all been told “fat makes you fat”.

Nutrition Science now understands that dietary fat doesn’t necessarily make you fat. Good fats in the right amounts are vital to a healthy body.

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Sugar is highly addictive (8 times more addictive than cocaine) and hides in places you wouldn’t expect.

READ ALL LABELS and look for sugar.

15 Examples of hidden sugar:


*Canned and Jarred Tomato Sauce

*Ketchup, Barbecue Sauces, Salt and other Condiments

*Granola Bars

*Bread, including Whole Wheat

**Gluten-Free Snacks


*Canned Soup

*Salad Dressing

*Snack Bars

*Sweetened Yogurt

*Frozen Entrees

*Take Out Food

*Energy Drinks

Foods do not have to be sweet to contain sugar.

You will be surprised to find sugar in more foods than you dreamed possible.

Stay healthy and avoid sugar!!!

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