Are you exposed to mercury?

element - mercuryWHAT IS MERCURY?

Mercury is a metal that has been used in products such as light bulbs, batteries, paint, thermometers, vaccines, and in manufacturing.

Although useful, mercury is POISONOUS!  It can contaminate the environment, if not disposed of properly.


*Mercury is a natural material found in the Earth.   Some mercury vapors are given off during volcanic eruptions.

*Mercury is a by-product of coal-burning power plants.  Mercury is released into the air and falls back to the earth,

*Mercury is used by mining operations.

*Mercury is used during manufacturing of various products.

How Are People Exposed to Mercury?

1.  Breathe mercury fumes

2. Eat Food (ESPECIALLY FISH) or Drink Water that has been contaminated by mercury
How much tuna or swordfish do you eat?

fish mackerel

fish tuna





3.  Absorb mercury through your skin.

4.  Eat objects that contain mercury.
For example, small children may eat batteries containing mercury.

Button batteries




5.  The new spiral light bulbs contain mercury (READ THE DIRECTIONS ON THE BULBS)   spiral light

If one breaks, you will be exposed to mercury unless you wear a hazardous material suit!!

******I suggest NEVER using long lasting spiral light bulbs!!!! ******

6.  Dental Amalgams (mercury fillings)

7.  Skin Lightening products and other cosmetics

8.  Some Pharmaceuticals


Elemental and Methyl Mercury are toxic to the central and peripheral nervous system.

Effects can be seen on the nervous, digestive, and immune systems, lungs and kidneys, and may be fatal.

Neurological and behavioral disorders may be observed after inhalation, ingestion, or dermal exposure.

It is especially dangerous to children and developing babies.  Mercury is highly toxic and can cross the placenta and the blood-brain barrier.

Mercury is concentrated in the brain of the developing fetus.

Children exposed to mercury may be born with symptoms resembling cerebral palsy, spasticity, visual problems, convulsions, abnormal reflexes and other abnormalities.

The brain starts to die as a result of mercury poisoning.


1.  Filter your tap water with a system that removes mercury and lead.

Reverse Osmosis systems can be rented or purchased to remove dangerous substances from your water.

2.  AVOID spiral, long lasting light bulbs pigtailed lightbulb

3.   Eat Less fish and choose the right ones. Eating fish is a large cause of mercury poisoning.  See the chart below to know what kinds of fish to avoid.
Fish Chart                                                           Source: nrdc.org

4.  Only Take FISH OIL SUPPLEMENTS that are high quality and guarantee purity!!!

(I suggest USANA HEALTH SCIENCES BIOMEGA – See my website www.leora.amir.com  for more information)

5.  Have all MERCURY fillings removed by a biologic dentist

Please be informed and make healthy decisions for you and your family.

Please pass this information on to your friends and family.