I’m happy you landed on my website. It may mean you have some questions or concerns about your own health or your family’s health…

Maybe you’re already deeply committed to a healthy lifestyle and even help others achieve the same…

…but with all the mixed messages and choices out there, you’re not sure what’s true, what’s best, or even where to start?

It’s not your fault…

…for years we have trusted so-called experts, the food labels, vitamins and medications to keep our bodies balanced and healthy.

Even in doing your best, you may be starting to notice unexplainable symptoms.

Are you fatigued or noticing sudden drops in energy?

Are you feeling the impact of stress in your life or in the lives of those you love?

Health issues are all around us.

More and more we hear about a rise in allergies, inflammation, chronic and auto-immune conditions and mysterious symptoms and ailments that go undiagnosed.

Like many, chances are you have a lot more questions than answers.


Hi, I’m Leora Amir, I had the same questions, and have been on a journey to discover the truth about health and wellness for over 40 years. The answers I found help me change people’s lives every day.

You can change lives, and take back your health today with a whole new standard of choices in health and wellness.

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